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1600W Wind Solar Kit with 2000W Power Inverter Off Grid System for Greenhouse:1000W 24V Wind Turbine Generator + 6pcs 100W Poly Solar Panel + Hybrid MPPT Charge Controller + Accessory


Brand Giosolar
Material Polycrystalline
Item Weight 16.5 Pounds
Efficiency High Efficiency
AC Adapter Current 5.55 Amps

About this item

  • The hybrid Solar &Wind Power off system Kit is a good choice for both residential & commercial use, combination of solar and wind energy, Solving the pure solar panel system low efficiency problem in low temperature and strong wind.help you to generate power for remote areas in all seasons and save energy.
  • Great for all off-grid installations on motorhome, house,home roof,garage,garden,cabin,shed,boats,factory,motel,farm ect.also can be used for any stand-alone off-grid solar power system with batteries, such as a household solar system or solar lighting
  • High output in low irradiation,100W polycrystalline cells solar panels have higher conversion efficiency than the monocrystalline panels in cloudy,rainy,low temperature weather
  • The 1000W wind turbine generator has 5 blades, high efficiency.Starting wind speed can be as low as 2.5m/s, powerful.Easy to assemble,Low noise,Hermetically sealed to ensure dust and rain can not intrude into the interior of wind turbine.
  • Wind Solar Hybrid MPPT Controller with Dump Load,Color Screen Display, protection functions such as overcharge, over discharge and overload;Lead-acid battery, ternary lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate, custom four battery types charging mode to choosing;

Product Description

The Giosolar 1600W 24V Solar Wind kit includes:

– 6x 100W Polycrystalline solar panel attached with 90mm of solar cable and waterproof connectors
– 1x 1000W 24V Wind Turbine Generator
– 1x 12V/24V Solar Wind Hybrid MPPT Charge Controller
– 1x 2000W Peak 4000W 24V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
– 1x 5M solar cable with connectors ( Red about 2.5M, Black about 2.5M)
– 1x 3M battery cable with alligator clip (red about 1.5m, black about 1.5m)
– 6x Z Mounting Brackets Set
– 1x Y Branch Connectors

100W Poly Solar Panel Specifications:

– Maximum Power: 100W
– Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp): 18V
– Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.6V
– Optimum Operating Current (Imp): 5.55 A
– Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 6.11A
– Dimensions: 1025*671*30mm / 40.35 X 26.42 X1.18 In
– Weight: 16.53 lbs (7.5KG)
90mm of special cable with male & female connectors attached

1000W Wind Turbine Specification:

Rated power:1000W
Rated DC voltage:AC 24V/48V
Rated current:41A/21A
Rated speed:650r/m
Max power:1200W
Number of blade: 5 pcs
Starting wind speed:3m/s/2.5 m/s
Cut-in wind speed:3.5m/s /3 m/s
Cut-out wind speed:15m/s
Security wind speed:40m/s
Rated wind speed:12m/s
Engine:Three-phase permanent magnel generator
Rotor diameter: 2200mm
Blade material: FRP (fiber glass- reinforced plastics)
Output line anti-winding device: Over all three-phase commutator
Over-speed wind protection: Tip stall protection + tumed protection + electomagnetic brake
Equipment surface protection: Aluminum oxide + plastic coating
Working temperature:-45°C-70°C
Packing material: Wooden case and foam material 


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